VK Naresh and Actress Pavitra Tied the Knot Lip Lock Video

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VK Naresh and Actress Pavitra Tied the Knot Lip Lock Video :

Soon, veteran actor Naresh and actress Pavitra (Pravitra) will tie the knot. The pair made this official announcement on New Year's Eve and made a video. Together, they cut the cake while wishing each other a warm welcome to the world. VK Naresh later posted the footage of their champagne toast and liplock on social media. The couple also revealed their impending nuptials at the video's conclusion. Naresh and Pavitra co-starred in a few Tollywood films. Even though they both have movie prospects, they are not the same. After Ramya Raghupathi's legal issues are resolved fully, Naresh and Pavitra are prepared for the holy wedding. Before this, Pavitra had a wedlock with Suchendra Prasad.

There have been rumors of Naresh and Pavitra cohabitating for some days. Ramya Raghupathi, Naresh's third wife, confronted them after discovering them at a red-handed Mysore hotel. As a result, the entire situation sparked a media frenzy. Ramya Raghupathi said at the time that she had not yet filed for divorce from Naresh and accused Pavitra of having a crush on her. Following that, Pavitra explained the video. They were asked for your support in that order by Pavitra, who hinted that they were living together.

Following that altercation, Naresh and Pavitra frequently appeared together in public. Finally, even on the day of Superstar Krishna's passing, Pavitra was visible by Naresh's side. Naresh took Pavitra to the funeral for Krishna while protecting family members. As a result, there were numerous trolls against these two on social media and YouTube channels. Pavitra complained to the cybercrime police about this situation. Following that, other YouTube channels received notices from the police conducting the inquiry.

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