Director’s Energy Speech Beats the Trailer Dhamaka

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Director’s Energy Speech Beats the Trailer Dhamaka :

The attitude and perspective of the professionals involved, particularly the director, can sometimes determine the outcome of a film. Even if the movie does not satisfy critics, the audience will undoubtedly believe the film is good if a director is rock stable and confident in his work. Nakkina Trinadha Rao, the director of "Dhamaka," is spreading similar vibes. And we have no doubts that the audience will continue praising the film. 

Last night at the pre-release ceremony of the film in Hyderabad, Trinadha Rao, the director, gave a similar impression. He made sure to break everyone into laughs and delivered chills to fans with his remarks and comments. He didn't hoist any technicians or artists into the air, but he did mention essential points about the film using a variety of unusual words, such as "Denemma Jeevitham," "eedemma action," and "Seetlu Egiripadtaai." Then he continued, "Everyone calls Raviteja an energetic star, but Dhamaka will show you his energy."

None of the director in recent memory has been as assured when discussing their just-released movie as Trinadha Rao. He continued by saying that the output was fantastic and that he would talk more about the film at the success meet only after it had been released. Let's wait and see what transpires.

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