SS Rajamouli's reputation has grown on a global scale

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SS Rajamouli's reputation has grown on a global scale :

SS Rajamouli's reputation has grown on a global scale. And there is no doubt about that! The Golden Globes announced Monday that "Roudram Ranam Rudhiram" had been nominated in two categories. Yes, Two! And it is indeed a nominal recognition. Prabhas praised the director and termed him the best.

The creator of "Radhe Shyam" tweeted, "He is going to conquer the world." The "Adipurush" actor also gave hints to the audience that Rajamouli had more achievements under his sleeve. Rajamouli responded to the tweet by thanking the "darling" and went on to tweet, "You believed in my international recognition when I didn't.” It was an allusion to "Baahubali," which transformed the course of Indian cinema by popularising blockbuster films. After that film, budgets increased, and Prabhas openly predicted Rajamouli's success. Finally, "RRR" validated his position and proved him correct. Rajamouli is a great director, and his past and future movies ensure he keeps the title of 'best director' to himself.

The actor who played "Mirchi" and "Salaar" deserves praise for focusing solely on the two "Baahubali" films for five years. Rajamouli's stature in the Indian film industry rose significantly due to his imposing screen presence. The director who once wasn't getting recognition for his work is now the most popular. 

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