Is Sundeep Kishan Harboring Feelings For an Actress?

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Is Sundeep Kishan Harboring Feelings For an Actress? :

Is Sundeep Kishan harboring feelings for an actress? You might have heard or seen it when you opened your social media accounts this Tuesday afternoon. It is definitely one of the hot topics, and Internet users are not shying away from asking this question either. The speculations have made their way, and internet users suggest that the actor and Regina Cassandra are now dating. And, all after the actor sent her a sweet and heartfelt tweet. This afternoon, the actor from "Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene" tweeted. "Happy Birthday, Papa... I love you and Wishing you only the best of everything, always. Stay Happy...Stay Blessed (sic)," Adorable! Isn't it? This tweet is sweet enough to create all the speculations internet users make. But Regina and Sundeep are both keeping quiet about the rumors.

It's neither a NO nor a YES from both of them. Sundeep's upcoming film, "Michael," just released the teaser, and it's also well-taken by the audience. The movie will show the retro 1980s era, and it appears to be a mobster actioner, which Ranjit Jeyakodi directed. The primary antagonist of the all-India action film is Gautam Menon. However, the release date has yet to be made public.

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