Pooja Hegde Explains About Usage Of Pulse Oximeter

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Pooja Hegde Explains About Usage Of Pulse Oximeter :

Pooja Hegde Tested as Negative :

Tollywood Industry is been infected with New Mutant Strain, as the highest number of Covid cases are being reported in the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, most of the industries are running under loss, and the Indian film industry is also one among them. Pooja Hegde who is found to be mild covid positive has quarantined herself at home. The Actress who is busy in Tollywood as well as Bollywood is recovering in a speedy way which has been shared by her on Instagram. She has asked everybody who was in contact with her to quarantine themselves at home after proper testing. The Busy Actress in Tollywood Screen is about to work in Kollywood with Tamil Actor Vijay. As of now, she recovered well from Corona and finally tested as Negative as she posted on her Instagram page.

Pooja Hegde Explains About Usage of Pulse Oximeter :

In a recent post of her on social media platforms, she has posted the necessity of the Pulse Oximeter, as her Medical team has suggested to her to check it regularly to ensure the oxygen level in her body. She also explained in brief how to use the pulse oximeter at home in a video through her Social Media Page onFacebook and it has been spreading widely all over the world through social media platforms.
1.She explains in the video that, before using the oximeter :
2.We have to remove any nail polish or false nails on our fingers and ensure the finger is clean.
3.Should have to rest for at least for 5mins before using the Pulse Oximeter.
4.Two fingers are used to check the levels, either your Index Finger or the Middle Finger.
5.After then place it on your chest, at the same level as your heart.
6.Then, keep it for a minute or until the reading settles.
7.Finally, you should consider the Highest Reading after the readings are settled.

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