Rath Yatra Preparation about Hanagal Shrikumar Shivayogis

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Rath Yatra Preparation about Hanagal Shrikumar Shivayogis :

Viratpura Viragi, a film based on the life of Pujya Hanagal Sri Kumar Shivayogi, is completed. B.S., a national award-winning director Lingadevar and producer Samadhan, have put forward a fantastic film for the audiences. In light of this, the Viragi Sri Kumareshwar Rath Yatra is being planned to honor Mahapurusha Hanagal Sri Kumar Shivayogi. This magnificent Rath Yatra will begin on December 20 and culminate in Gadag on January 1 with six chariots, 13 days, 7000 kilometers, 360 congregations, and the presence of 1 crore people. The poster contains all the necessary details regarding this Rath Yatra. “A man has made everything possible in his lifetime.

It is Gurukumar Shivayogis who did most of the things that Gandhiji considered ideal a few years before Gandhiji came to India," Padma Shri awardee Girish Kasaravalli said. “Hanagalla Sri Gurukumar Shivayogi has a history of Veerashaiva; No study. It has its code, No system. There is culture; Communication facilities are insufficient. There is a vision, No guidance. There is a legacy, No effect. There is a feeling; No implementation. There is a theory; Achievement - no achievements. There is society, No organization! Remembering these ironic days before independence brings tears. Shri Hanagal Kumareshwar came to the society as a sanjeevini to make all these impossibilities possible in such a complex situation.” Hanagal Gurukumar Shivayogis have shown that the matha should be illuminated from the ghat rather than the other way around.

He set up the new Manvantara with a strong basis at the start of the 19th century. He further added. “Mastakabhisheka celebration for Viragi of Gommatagiri is a celebration of community building. Education for all. Music education for the blind. Establishment of All India Veerashaiva (Lingayat) Mahasabha. Women's Education and Women's Empowerment. Establishment of Shivayoga Mandir. Collection of vachana tadoles and establishment of a library. Modern farming practices and establishment of Goshala. Construction of Vibhuti and Ishta Lingam. The establishment of a cotton factory. Establishment of Ayurvedic Clinic. Opening of cinemas, ban on animal sacrifice. Sri Gurukumar Shivayogi has made many possibilities possible and is proof that one person can do so much in his lifetime. Those who wiped away the tears of the society and spread their fragrance like sandalwood to build a strong society."

Crew Members :

•    Cinematography  : Ashok V Raman, Ramesh Babu
•    Editing                 : S Gunasekharan
•    Music Direction    : Manikanth Kadri
•    Art Director          : Saravan
•    Light Unit             : Selvam, Papa Out Door Unit
•    Costume Design  : Shankar HB

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