Anubhava Fame Received a Two-Year Prison Term

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Anubhava Fame Received a Two-Year Prison Term :

The Sandalwood actress who played Anubhava received a two-year prison term. But why? The High Court has convicted Lakshmidevi, the wife of Srinivas, the older brother of Abhinaya, for harassing her and seeking dowry. Abhinaya, who rose to fame as an actress due to the box office success of Kashinath's Anvabha film, is now facing the penalty of going to jail and a fine. The penalty for pestering his brother Srinivas's wife Lakshmidevi by demanding dowry with her parents has been made public by the High Court Judge H.B. A single-member court, including Prabhakar Shastri, issued the ruling. H.V. Vinayak, a government advocate, had made a case. Lakshmidevi complained about Abhinaya's relatives in 2002.

In 1998, Lakshmidevi wed actor Anna Srinivas. She not only received a dowry at the marriage but also endured constant pressure to bring cash. He received 80,000 rupees and 250 grams of gold jewelry at the time of the wedding. Even after obtaining Rs 20,000, he continued to harass them and sought Rs 1 lakh. Lakshmidevi bombarded me with allegations in the lawsuit that she had abandoned me at my parents' place despite having offered money. The reports suggest that the Abhinaya family humiliated Lakshmi and her parents when they visited her husband's home and refused to bring Lakshmi Devi, who had traveled there to give birth, home. Lakshmidevi reported Abhinaya and the entire family to the Chandralayout police station in 2002. Following an investigation based on the Chandralayout Police's charge sheet, the Magistrate Court in 2012 convicted each of the five defendants to two years in prison. Later, the district court cleared all five of the charges against them.

In an appeal, Lakshmidevi and the government contested the district court's ruling. After hearing the request, the High Court issued an order outlining the three defendants' penalty. The court gave the other three prison sentences after the passing of A1- Srinivas and A-2 Ramakrishna. The mother of the actress Abhinaya, A-3 Jayamma, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. On the other hand, A-4 Cheluvaraj and A-5 Abhinaya each got a two years imprisonment sentence and a fine as well.

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