Mini Mathur’s Walkthrough of Her Home – Fulfills Fans Wish


Mini Mathur’s Walkthrough, she showed her followers on her Instagram of her happy, cheerful, beautiful home and told them where she had bought all those belongings.

Mini mathur's walkthrough

Mini Mathur’s Walkthrough of Her Home:

Former V.J. Actor Mini Mathur is telling the look of being inside her house with Kabir Khan as per the request of her fans. She showed her followers on her Instagram her happy, cheerful, beautiful home and told them where she had bought all those belongings.

 The video opens in the living room with the family. Stairs are a combination of rectangular in yellow and white. The walls are decorated with delicate blue floral wallpapers. The sofas are adorned with more floral heads. Besides the Sofa set in the next room, there is a small antique table fan found along with a teacup that looks very traditional.  After that, a white curtain hangs over all the windows. There is a book rack beside the media unit around a traditional wooden table and a large TV set.

Mini, who shared those videos on her page, said “Brief looks at my family room. The Den… a glad, breezy, splendid, bright, innovative space that disregards the porch. The furniture is made of lotus root.. very nearly 15 years of age, however, looks far and away superior with age. The middle table and stick lounger are from Kabir’s tribal home in Hyderabad.

@shabnamguptainteriors figured out how to give this past room beautiful energy and worked with things old and new… fitting in the entirety of our used pieces. The roof is her mark – painted bamboos!!  Ps: Posting this simply because so many of you have been extremely amped up for seeing the makeover.

Mini Mathur & Kabir Khan Marriage :

Mini Mathur tied her knot with Kabir Khan on the 28th of February 1998, and the beautiful couple has 2 children, Son Vivaan Khan and Daughter Sanya Khan, the couples recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary at home simply on the past Feb 28th2021.

Mini Mathur Family

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