Designer Ekambaram Was the Reason behind Sarpatta Costumes


Costume Designer Ekambaram who works for the film ” Sarpatta ” was one of the reasons for the film’s poster which has been becoming famous online.

Designer Ekambaram Was the Reason
Designer Ekambaram Costumes

About Film Sarpatta Cast :

The film Sarpatta Is the forthcoming film in Kollywood as the film featuring Arya as the Male Lead and Dushara as the female lead, and surprisingly numerous recognizable and capable entertainers like pasupathy, kalaiarasan, john vijay, kaali venkat significantly more can be anticipated. The film uncovers the conflicts occurred between the two boxing legacy during the period 1980s.

Who is Ekambaram Actually?

Ekambaram origin is Ammayarkuppam close to Thiruthani, and he comes from a weaving family as a beneficiary, he studied Textile Design and Arts at Tamilnadu Fine Arts University. His fundamental point was to create the temple sculptures into textile materials, in the meantime, he had an interest in working in movies too. He worked in the film Ratchasi as he is the ensemble planner for Jyothika and he additionally had done in the film NGK for Surya. He additionally worked as an assistant with Costume Designer and Producer Anu Vardhan.

How did he get into Sarpatta ?

Director Ranjith’s Assistant Parthiban was Ekambaram’s College mate, it is supposed to be that parthiban was at that point expecting Ekambaram for Ranjith’s gathering. A couple of years prior to when it happened Ekambaram clarified about his turns out accomplished for the films. Ranjith answered him ” Ok, we can cooperate for the film Sarpatta “.

As said by Ranjith, he projected Ekambaram for the film and he advised about the full film in detail. The film must be uncovered for the period 1980’s, Ekambaram begun investigating. During 1980’s mens here use to wear Stripes and Bell Bottoms which was a pioneer back then. So he was investigating in and out city intersections explicitly north Chennai for Boxing Research and was in any event, searching for thoughts from the movies released from 1965 – 1980 where MGR, Shivaji, Nambiar was their’s period those days.

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